Type and Leadership

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Type and Leadership
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Type and Leadership

To achieve an organisation's goals through the efforts of others, leaders engage in three main activities:

  • Setting direction for the organisation
  • Inspiring others to work toward that direction
  • Mobilising the effective accomplishment of goals

Leaders are found - and needed - at all levels and in all kinds of organisations.  No matter what kind of organisation, group, or leadership style, learning how personality type affects leadership will help you increase the capacity of your leaders to achieve organisational goals.

Adapted from Introduction to Type® and Leadership (2008) by Sharon Lebovitz Richmond

This workshop offers MBTI® certified practitioners a logical framework and practical tools to support individuals and organisations in developing effective and inspirational leaders. The focus of the workshop is to provide practitioners with type-related exercises, tools and insights which can be applied in leadership development programs.

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify inherent leadership potential
  • Examine habits that can limit success
  • Broaden views on developing effective leaders
  • Develop and tailor leadership improvement plans

 Included in the workshop fee is all catering, together with the following materials:

  • Participant workbook
  • Introduction to Type® and Leadership booklet

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